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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


For Smartsheet, with $11.5 billion TAM, Projects Abound

Managing expectations can be a major project. Fortunately for workflow management SaaS platform Smartsheet, whose total addressable market was recently valued by analysts at more than $11.5 billion, projects happen to be a specialty.


OutSystems: What the KKR & Goldman Investment Means for the Future...

KKR and Goldman Sachs have announced a $360 million investment in OutSystems in a deal that yet again indicates the rapid expansion of the low code development market.


General Electric CTO Abate Touts Strategy Amid Struggles

General Electric shareholders have seen better days, but the company’s CTO, Vic Abate, is convinced that a strong tech strategy will help lead the company to a brighter future.


The Many Silver Linings of Cloud to Cloud Backups

Businesses deciding how to handle the meddlesome task of backing up and restoring their data would do well to look into cloud-to-cloud backup. When it comes to data recovery, cloud-to-cloud makes things easy. One of the key features of cloud-to-cloud backup is faster recovery time from a data loss event.

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The SaaS Industry [An Overview]

OVERVIEW The rise of the SaaS industry has continued to captivate the business community at large given the impressive growth rate it has sustained over...

Can Any Other Software Private Equity Firm Hold a Candle to Vista Equity?

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Major SaaS Trends in 2017

As cloud computing turns the traditional tech industry on its head, a growing number of businesses are adopting SaaS models. A recent IDC forecast estimates cloud spending to boom almost 25% in 2017 to over $122 billion, seven times faster than the rest of the IT space...

Why Adam Miller, CEO of $2.4 Billion Cornerstone OnDemand, Might Just Be The Coolest...

Before cloud computing was called cloud computing, Adam Miller, the President and CEO of now multi-billion-dollar enterprise software provider Cornerstone On Demand, founded the company in his one-bedroom apartment...

Marketo CEO Steve Lucas: The Engagement Economy Will Replace the Outdated CRM Model

Steve Lucas is the Chief Executive Officer of San Mateo, Calif.-based Marketo, Inc., a Vista Equity Partners-backed provider of marketing software solutions. Prior to joining Marketo in November 2016, Lucas had a long run in the enterprise software space, with a breadth of experience leading multi-billion dollar businesses within...

The SaaS Companies Set to IPO in 2018

As a shift to software-as-a-service continues to drive growth and earnings at unicorn software providers, initial public offerings (IPO) are possible from high-flying companies including Anaplan, Slack Technologies, Cloudflare, Docusign, Smartsheet and Qualtrics...

Jennifer Tejada: Behind One of the Most Powerful Women in the SaaS Space

Jennifer Tejada is the Chief Executive Officer of PagerDuty, a San Francisco, Calif.-based company which provides software intended to help its customers manage digital operations and quickly resolve incidents. She is a star figure in the SaaS world, and in Silicon Valley at large, bringing with her about two decades’ worth of experience in leading software companies as both a board director and a C-suite level executive...

Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong’s Wealthiest Individual and His Rags to Riches Story

While Asian business tycoon Li Ka-shing is Hong Kong’s wealthiest individual, his influence extends across the world. Nicknamed “Superman” for his business acumen, the 89-year-old entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist has a net worth of about $33.5 billion and business interests spanning across over 50 countries...